Tired of paying top dollar for other people's Public Domain Cast-Offs?

Find Public Domain Treasures in YOUR Niche Quickly, Effectively, and Inexpensively

Sold Out!

PDE is no longer for sale. Our apologies.

Have you been feeling a little burned by all the public domain hype on the Internet lately? Joined membership sites and found only antiquated self-help manuals with language one step above the King James Version of the Bible?

Don't be discouraged! There IS treasure in the public domain.

And I can show you how to find it.

I've been making money from books in the public domain for several years now, and I know what works.

Public Domain Publishing is a Profitable Business
Selling the Classics is one of the few areas of significant growth in an otherwise stagnant business. Major publishers ... are aggressively defending their lucrative share of both the consumer and academic markets by investing heavily in redesigning and expanding their classics lists.
Bill Goldstein in the New York Times

Here's rule number one:

It's FAR easier to market 10 books in related niches than 10 books in random niches.

So, why do the public domain books offered at membership sites seem so.... random?

When you take charge of your own public domain research, not only will you rid yourself of recurring membership fees, you will free yourself from the urge to waste time building sites for books on topics you aren't remotely interested in.

You will choose which books in which niches will work best for you.

You won't need to rely on luck, or spend another dollar on those site memberships if you don't want to. You'll have all the niche public domain material you'll ever need cataloged with just a few clicks.

I'm not saying that membership sites selling public domain books are bad. It is possible to build sites and products out of those books, as well as many of the books freely available online.

But here's an axiom you'll learn to live by:

...(and this is rule number 2)...

You will always make more with a public domain book if YOU are the only one publishing or selling it.

S0...what's holding you back from searching for your own public domain treasures? Did someone tell you it was difficult? Expensive? Time Consuming?

Maybe it was a little complicated before. But with the software I'm about to show you, all the hard stuff is taken care of.

It's called Public Domain Explorer, and it makes discovering public domain books and pamphlets in any niche as easy as typing in a few keywords.

It doesn't just check for books published before the renewal laws came into effect. It actually searches several online copyright renewal databases for exact matches and title matches to each book. And it color codes the results to help you make the best possible purchases. Definite public domain finds (assuming the information provided by the bookstore is correct) are green. Books with no renewal matches are blue, and books with title matches and full matches are grey. Or you can fiddle with the options like I have and have them not show up at all.


The results are browsable from within the application, from the HTML file automatically generated at the end of each search, or save your results to a text file and import it into Excel or other database or spreadsheet program.

Praise for Public Domain Explorer
PDE is an excellent tool! I have already found several PD books, at low prices, to add to my arsenal.

It was certainly money well spent for me and the price is affordable. I wish you much success.
James Wolf

I use Public Domain Explorer myself. A lot.

And to be honest, I want to keep it all to myself.

For the past two months, I've been using it several times a week to scan through new public domain books available from used booksellers in niches I am working in, or that I plan to explore in the future.

I've purchased more books than I had ever intended, and it will take years to fully exploit all the books I do have, but I still don't want to share.

But, my young friend who wrote the code for Public Domain Explorer has been begging me to release it. He wants to use the percentage of the profits that he will receive on a very special purchase. Yes, one dare not stand in the way of a young man and his dream of buying his first car.

So, while I hate to do this, I will be offering Public Domain Explorer for a mere $97 for a limited time.

But, as they say in the infomercials, that's not all you'll get with this package...

Take advantage of this offer today and receive:

Yep, that's nearly $500 worth of bonuses for an already under-priced piece of software. Don't think this deal is going to last forever!


P.S. While I do feel a sense of obligation to help my young coder friend, I will be monitoring the effect the distribution of this software has on the availability of books in my favored niches. If I feel too much competition comin' on, I will stop selling the software... car or not. So, don't delay! Public Domain Explorer may be withdrawn from the market at any time!

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